Grow revenue and worry less. Really.

Clearday at Home™ is the digital care platform Home Care Agencies use to grow their bottom line while improving care. Be the first in town to benefit from this cutting-edge approach!

✓ More Revenue & Clients
✓ Retain Valuable Team Members
✓ On-the-Job Caregiver Tools
✓ Interactive Activities for Clients

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Grow Revenue

Provide clients with a truly differentiated care offering.


Keep Clients Longer

Apply our goal-driven approaches to daily care.


Improve Staff Retention

Implement training that makes their work easier.

Clearday featured on Health Futures Radio Show

Health Futures with Bob Roth is the only show in Arizona dedicated to the medical and healthcare field covering the latest in news, opportunities and issues affecting the community. The show has an emphasis placed on aging adults.

Bob’s innovative approach captures an audience that is progressive and covers subjects that will give the radio audience information on living a healthier life.

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Grow Revenue

Offer the kind of care that makes the competition shake in their boots.

With Clearday, you’re not just another care provider in town. You’re the best option for families to feel confident in aging at home.


Offer the kind of care that others can't match

Easily win new clients with tech-enabled, cognitive-focused care. You'll better engage with families through goal-driven Care Plans. They get the best of both worlds by blending live care with digital Daily Activities.

Assure top quality with our protocol of care

With ongoing training for all staff, you can systematize operations and guarantee quality in daily care. Using our standard protocol of care, you’ll get control of business — instead of business controlling you.

Capture new revenue, beyond just hourly rates

When families need less than 4 hours of care, you can’t service them today. Capture new revenue by selling Clearday to those not yet ready for home care. For existing clients, capture more with an add-on subscription.

Expand your customer base with us

Offer your best-in-class service to the corporate members of the Clearday network who require additional in-home care. Our friendly lead generation network can multiply your client base with minimal effort.

Associate with a nationwide provider without franchise fees. Get straight to building more revenue.

Clearday at Home™ is the product of over 30 years of practice and 288 care professionals.  We apply the same best-in-class practices we rely on every day in our Memory Care America residential care communities, where we've developed cutting edge training, programming, and therapies that improve the lives of those with cognitive deficits.

Client Retention

Keep clients longer.
Deliver superior care.

Clearday at Home is designed to extend aging in place through goal-driven care. Keep clients longer, so you can grow revenue.


Keep clients aging in place longer

Use Clearday’s best practices to extend the window of aging at home. We help identify risks and provide guidance to support aging in place.

Healthier clients lead to more revenue.

Deliver better care with on-demand content

Clients get access to engaging activities that are tailored to their health needs. Beyond enlivening their routine, we help promote their long-term health.

Answer the question: How do you keep Mom engaged?

Build trust using goal-driven care

Care Plans include daily and monthly health goals, created using cognitive & mobility assessments. Build trust and transparency with families.

Help families see how to keep Mom home longer.

Be present, even when you’re not there

Clearday at Home is the only virtual service that provides 24/7 support to clients. Make relationships stickier, even when home aides are not there.

Add-on plans give you a new way to increase revenue.


A family’s journey with Clearday at Home

Clearday at Home empowers your home aides to build more confidence with families.


Client takes a cognitive & mobility assessment

Administered by your home aide, the optional BEST Test creates a baseline for their client’s cognitive health and mobility.


Care Plan is shared with home aide & family

Care Plans are tailored to test results, providing guidance on current health, future risks, and ideal outcomes.


Home aide promotes health with activities

Our goal-based Daily Activities take stress off home aides, and improve their relationship with the care recipient.


Home aide & family receive expert support

Our Care Experts provide on-call support, monthly BEST Tests & Care Plan updates, helping your agency look bigger and stronger.

Staff Retention

Rich education makes staff more confident — and helps them feel better about work.

Staff retention can rise by 50% with strong education. Why not invest in your workforce? Keep turnover down.


Attract talent with a certification pathway

Did you know that 72% of candidates are driven by career advancement? In a competitive market, stand out by offering a path to Clearday™ certification. Attract top talent at the start of their career.

Upskill your workforce with ongoing training

As the world changes, so do best practices for care. Keep your entire workforce up to speed with modern approaches to cognitive care. Ensure that each caregiver can provide the best in-home service.

Retain staff by building on-the-job confidence

For early-career caregivers, new assignments can be intimidating. Instill confidence across your workforce by providing rich training that addresses challenging behaviors & situations with clients.

Transform your business with us today.

Get started with Clearday at Home and discover how our platform can transform your Home Care Agency. A member of our team will follow up shortly to get you set up.

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